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Meet our buddies

The Matcha Initiative focuses on action. That’s why we asked individuals - employees, entrepreneurs, CEOs - to share what they actually did. Maybe it worked, maybe not.
But at least they provide you with facts, insights, ideas and help. We call them Buddies.

Everyone can become a Buddy and give back to the community;
if you are keen, get in touch with us.

You don’t need to be a sustainability expert to be willing to make a positive impact.
You may come from HR, Marketing, Finance, Procurement, and be a pioneer in your company. Where to start? How to do it?
There are so many resources out there, it is truly overwhelming. 

Alexandre Ung
Finance Director - Edenred Pte Ltd

Experienced Finance Director with more than 10 years of working history in the technology, e-commerce and marketing industries, Alexandre has led the ABW office transformation at Edenred Singapore in 2019.

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Alya Annabi
Digital Learning Manager, Timeo-Performance

I am a Digital Learning Manager who has a passion for the sustainability topic and how to live a more sustainable life in Singapore. I love sharing with my colleagues and friends about this topic, hoping to inspire more and more people to have a more conscious lifestyle.

Since last year, I have been learning a lot about how to create my own products in order to detoxify my environment from harsh chemicals. Since then, I have animated some webinars called "Green Yourself" to show to people how to make their own products using what they have in their kitchen.

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Claire Chabrières
Founder – ShiokFarm

Entrepreneurial by nature, Claire started ShiokFarm in 2015 when realising the high prices for organic fruit and vegetables in Singapore. Based on the French AMAP model, in which Farmers and a community create a partnership in order to reduce food waste and cost, ShiokFarm aims to provide families and offices in Singapore with affordable organic fruit and vegetables while reducing food waste. Starting with a small Facebook group, Claire has succeeded in making ShiokFarm an outstanding organic business.

Ivona Balint-Kowalczyk
Sustainability consultant, founder of Sustainao

Ivona is a sustainability consultant, founder of Sustainao, a Singapore-based company that helps businesses in their sustainability journey, from conducting materiality assessments, creating a sustainability strategy, to implementing and improving sustainability reporting and performance.

Ivona has an MBA in CSR-Sustainability and a master’s degree in Environmental Management. She has first worked for Air France Industries and Arkema in their environmental and sustainability departments. After that, she has gained strong experience as a sustainability auditor for KPMG France. She verified non financial information published in the Sustainability Reports of French groups of Media, Agri-food, Transport, Industry sectors and conducted audits in 15 countries across Europe, Africa and Asia.

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Nadège Claudel
General Manager - BSI (British Standards Institution)

I have been General Manager of BSI Singapore for 2.5 years. Prior to joining BSI, I held different job assignments for the international retailer Carrefour. For them, I oversaw Quality, Food Safety and Sustainability in China and then at the Group level.  

I spent most of my career working in Asia: in Shanghai, Hong Kong and I have been happily settled in Singapore for 8 years now. 

I have a real passion for sustainability and nature conservation and I love to share the knowledge and experience I gained in this field. I am also a volunteer for the Singaporean NGO called Climate Conversation which aims to raise awareness on climate change.

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Rémi Cesaro
Founder & Director of Zero Waste City

Founder and Director of the consulting business Zero Waste City, Rémi provides engineering consulting services to large commercial and industrial facilities on waste management, energy efficiency, and packaging design.

He has gained a strong experience as a consultant covering a wide range of industries and technologies in New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore.

He is a certified TRUE Advisor (Total Resource Use Efficiency) by the U.S. Green Building Council Inc. This certification recognised his knowledge in Zero Waste programs and his ability to support businesses to achieve the TRUE Zero Waste certification.

Virgile Viasnoff
Professor, Mechanobiology – NUS, CNRS

Virgile is an academic researcher who works for the CNRS (France) and the National University of Singapore. He heads an international collaborative lab between Singapore and France at the mechanobiology institute.

He is also in charge of the transition towards more sustainable practices in the lab and in the institute. He has already implemented various actions covering energy efficiency, consumables usage reduction, waste management...

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