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Meet our buddies

The Matcha Initiative focuses on action. That’s why we asked individuals - employees, entrepreneurs, CEOs - to share what they actually did. Maybe it worked, maybe not.
But at least they provide you with facts, insights, ideas and help. We call them Buddies.

Where to start? How to do it? Our buddies are here to help you by sharing their own experience. Learn more about them below and contact them for further insights if you wish.

Everyone can become a Buddy and give back to the community; You don’t need to be a sustainability expert. You may come from HR, Marketing, Finance, Procurement... and be a pioneer in your company. If you are keen to share your experience, get in touch with us.

Alexandre Ung
Finance Director - Edenred Pte Ltd

Experienced Finance Director with more than 10 years of working history in the technology, e-commerce and marketing industries, Alexandre has led the ABW office transformation at Edenred Singapore in 2019.

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Alya Annabi
Digital Learning Manager - Timeo-Performance

I am a Digital Learning Manager who has a passion for the sustainability topic and how to live a more sustainable life in Singapore. I love sharing with my colleagues and friends about this topic, hoping to inspire more and more people to have a more conscious lifestyle.

Since last year, I have been learning a lot about how to create my own products in order to detoxify my environment from harsh chemicals. Since then, I have animated some webinars called "Green Yourself" to show to people how to make their own products using what they have in their kitchen.

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Andrew Tay
Business Development Director - KGS

I started my career as a mechanical engineer for 5 years and joined TayPaper Recycling in 2018. Tay Paper Recycling has grown from an informal scrap dealer to now a leading paper focused recycling company in Singapore. On top of just recycling, we also offer confidential data disposal services to help clients comply with PDPA, GDPR and recycle at the same time. I am now working at KGS, an e-waste and data sanitization company.

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Benoit Barraque
Head of Application Service for Finance, Compliance & IT4IT domains - Credit Agricole CIB

Passionate about travels, Benoit left France in 2011 for Asia, lived in Hong Kong then landed in Singapore 6 years ago, working for Credit Agricole CIB. With 15 years of experience in IT across different sectors and industries, he is now managing a team focusing on IT application support. In 2017, he was one of the founders, and now the leader, of their first green team in Singapore.

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Claire Chabrières
Founder – ShiokFarm

Entrepreneurial by nature, Claire started ShiokFarm in 2015 when realising the high prices for organic fruit and vegetables in Singapore. Based on the French AMAP model, in which Farmers and a community create a partnership in order to reduce food waste and cost, ShiokFarm aims to provide families and offices in Singapore with affordable organic fruit and vegetables while reducing food waste. Starting with a small Facebook group, Claire has succeeded in making ShiokFarm an outstanding organic business.

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Ivona Balint-Kowalczyk
Sustainability consultant, Founder - Sustainao

Ivona is a sustainability consultant, founder of Sustainao, a Singapore-based company that helps businesses in their sustainability journey, from conducting materiality assessments, creating a sustainability strategy, to implementing and improving sustainability reporting and performance.

Ivona has an MBA in CSR-Sustainability and a master’s degree in Environmental Management. She has first worked for Air France Industries and Arkema in their environmental and sustainability departments. After that, she has gained strong experience as a sustainability auditor for KPMG France. She verified non financial information published in the Sustainability Reports of French groups of Media, Agri-food, Transport, Industry sectors and conducted audits in 15 countries across Europe, Africa and Asia.

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Li Seng Heng
Founder - Green Nudge, Green Collar

Li Seng is the founder of Green Nudge, a social enterprise that supports businesses and communities to achieve positive environmental impact through activities such as coastal cleanups and workshops, outreach talks and sustainability consulting. By raising awareness and co-creating call-to-actions with various stakeholders on sustainability efforts, Green Nudge aims to create a normative shift in the way we create and deal with waste to achieve a low carbon, zero waste future for Singapore.

Li Seng’s previous experience in the public sector in the central bank of Singapore dealing with financial regulations, combined with his current roles in the community and social enterprise sector reinforced his belief that effective public policies need to be supported by ground-up actions and engagement. Playing an interfacing role within the tri-sector, Li Seng is able to provide sectoral knowledge through a system thinking lens to make informed decisions and strategies. He is happy to discuss disposables, sustainability of events, public education, and is familiar with corporate social responsibility and community / youth engagement.

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Loretta Teo & Eliza Boecker
Azqore Asia CSR Team

A lawyer by training, Eliza has been in Private banking since 1996, with roles ranging from Relationship Management to Head of Strategy for PWM Latin America at Deutsche Bank New York, and a member of the Management Committee. Eliza was also the Business Manager and Head of Business Compliance for the International markets at Bank of Singapore, before joining Azqore as COO for Asia. Eliza has worked in Kuala Lumpur, Frankfurt, New York and Singapore and in addition lived in London, Tokyo and Hong Kong, an experience that has shaped her outlook and made her very much a global citizen.

A banking operations professional, Loretta has had experience across various firms, like UBS and Nomura, before joining Credit Agricole 5 years ago.  Currently Azqore’s Head of Asia Operations, she has worked in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and even had a short stint in India.  These experiences have opened her eyes to various cultures and cuisines.  

Both Eliza and Loretta kicked off the Azqore Asia CSR initiative in 2020 and have never looked back since.

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Mary Kon-Sun-Tack
Asia Customer Experience Director, Sustainability Ambassador - Lyreco

In charge of Customer Experience for Lyreco Asia, Mary joined the company in 2018 to accelerate Digital and Marketing activities. In 2020, she was appointed sustainability ambassador as well for the region, as the topic was becoming a strategic one for the company. Thriving to drive the change internally and externally, she launched a Green Team that she is co-leading with her colleague.

Prior to this role, Mary had made her career essentially in the hospitality industry at global and regional role, from trade marketing, sales to Digital marketing. Before moving to Singapore in 2015, she was based in Dubai, UAE and France.

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Nadège Claudel
General Manager - BSI (British Standards Institution)

I have been General Manager of BSI Singapore for 2.5 years. Prior to joining BSI, I held different job assignments for the international retailer Carrefour. For them, I oversaw Quality, Food Safety and Sustainability in China and then at the Group level.  

I spent most of my career working in Asia: in Shanghai, Hong Kong and I have been happily settled in Singapore for 8 years now. 

I have a real passion for sustainability and nature conservation and I love to share the knowledge and experience I gained in this field. I am also a volunteer for the Singaporean NGO called Climate Conversation which aims to raise awareness on climate change.

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Package Pals Trio
Founders – Package Pals

Package Pals is a circular packaging initiative that seeks to extend the life cycle of packaging. We collect used e-commerce packaging from members of the public, distributing it back to businesses seeking eco-friendly, second hand packaging options. There are 7 categories of packaging we collect: poly mailers (<A4),paper envelopes (<A4), plastic wrappers (<A4), bubble wrap, padded envelopes.

Package Pals has worked with multiple large and small businesses, schools, NGOs and governmental organisations since it was started in May 2020. Other than carrying out collection and distribution, we also focus on education and outreach, seeking to educate our 4k-strong audience on packaging waste and other environmental issues, through social media, webinars and other events.

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Rémi Cesaro
Founder & Director - Zero Waste City

Founder and Director of the consulting business Zero Waste City, Rémi provides engineering consulting services to large commercial and industrial facilities on waste management, energy efficiency, and packaging design.

He has gained a strong experience as a consultant covering a wide range of industries and technologies in New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore.

He is a certified TRUE Advisor (Total Resource Use Efficiency) by the U.S. Green Building Council Inc. This certification recognised his knowledge in Zero Waste programs and his ability to support businesses to achieve the TRUE Zero Waste certification.

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Samuel Chauffaille
Director - H3Dynamics

French by birth, I consider myself a world citizen. I started to work in the satellite communication field in Marseille in 1996. In 2003, I followed my wife to Philadelphia, USA and joined International SOS, world leader of medical and security assistance services. In 2008, International SOS relocated us to Singapore where we have spent the last 13 years. I held different regional leadership roles for the company.

At International SOS I have been a founding member of the Sustainability Committee and initially led the S (Social) part. Since 2018, I have been leading the Environment pillar, with a special focus on the Ecovadis certification.

My role was made redundant due to COVID-19, and I naturally decided to fully embrace the Sustainability agenda for my next career move. I definitely wanted to leverage my skills to make a stronger impact on the world and leave a better planet for the next generations (I have 3 kids and it forces you to reflect).

I enrolled at SMU back in Sept 2020 and graduated from the Sustainability and Sustainable Business executive masterclass in Dec 2020.

In July 2021, I joined H3Dynamics with the ambition to decarbonize the aviation industry!

I am also the Singapore Ambassador (volunteer) for Ecomatcher to help brands fight climate change, one tree at a time.

Finally, I am a French Trade Advisor and part of the Sustainability Committee to strengthen bridges between France and Singapore on this crucial agenda.

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Shen Hui Tan
Co-founder -, Founder - Kizuna

My first job was with a major consulting company in Japan. I appreciated my time there, but was always yearning to do something with a greater direct impact, and something that gives me a greater sense of purpose. I am blessed to have the opportunity to travel the world, and be exposed to different perspectives, ways of living and available alternatives!

A series of serendipitous events led to the founding of with two highly experienced and interesting friends. offers merchandise like uniforms, towels and bags in more environmentally progressive textiles made of materials like seaweed, organic cotton and recycled fishing nets. 

When the opportunity to open Kizuna arose, it was clear that I wanted to apply similar values and principles to this physical space.

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Thibaut Meurgue
Entrepreneur & It Sustainability Consultant, Co-founder – Found & Seek

I am Thibaut, French bald since 26 & bold since forever! Right now, I am a 1st time entrepreneur in the making. 

I come from an IT & software agency background so deeply into B2B and old-fashioned processes. I came to realize that sustainability cannot be only about consumers and half-measures. I also realized IT Sustainability was much underrated and not understood by most companies. It came quite as a surprise for me since I always considered IT Sustainability as one of the best ways to merge both ROI & Sustainability to make the latter sound acceptable, actionable, and realistic. Having seen that, I wanted to make a change in my own way. 

My dedication came from the desire to be able to look my future kids in the eye and tell them that I tried to make the world a better place. 

I am also drawn to uncommon & less popular causes, which is why e-waste caught my attention. While it’s not as “buzzy” as plastic waste or consumer recycling, it has the potential to have a greater impact, especially in Asia.

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Virgile Viasnoff
Professor, Mechanobiology – NUS, CNRS

Virgile is an academic researcher who works for the CNRS (France) and the National University of Singapore. He heads an international collaborative lab between Singapore and France at the mechanobiology institute.

He is also in charge of the transition towards more sustainable practices in the lab and in the institute. He has already implemented various actions covering energy efficiency, consumables usage reduction, waste management...

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Yen Lyng Loh
Marketing & Sales Director - A1 Environment

Coming from a background of digital media, film-making, and digital marketing, Yen-Lyng fell into the sustainability field when she joined a waste management company as a Recycling Ambassador. During that time, she saw the many intricacies and challenges facing the very overlooked and underappreciated world of waste. So, when given the opportunity of working on a coffee recycling project, Yen-Lyng jumped at it. She will tell you more about her why and what of coffee recycling in her sharing and the challenges of lauching sustainable projects.

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