Sustainable Supply Chain
Eco Design & Circularity
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Eco Design & Circularity


Eco-design and circularity minimise waste and resource use, and are critical for supply chain professionals seeking sustainability and efficiency. They ensure that products are designed for reuse, reducing costs and environmental impact, and are in line with global eco-conscious trends.

Product redesign is a prerequisite for implementing a sustainable supply chain, as it changes what the supply chain needs to handle, with more circular loops and recycling streams compared to linear supply chains.

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Buddies - Experience sharing

The « green journey » may feel overwhelming sometimes, but you are not alone.

Our Buddies have tried, succeeded, failed to implement change in their companies. They share their experience so you can learn, take shortcuts, get inspired and ask questions.

Everybody can become a Buddy and give back to the community; if you are keen, get in touch with us.

Karin Aue
Design Director - Chemistry

As a seasoned designer and creative leader with over 17 years of experience across Europe and Asia, I have worked as a strategic consultant here in South East Asia and led a strategic design consultancy ( for over a decade. I believe in a planet-centred approach to design, where we think and act on a systems level to ensure the long-term thriving of organisations, communities, and the planet. I have been in charge of a diverse range of innovation projects and long-term client engagements in the field of impact-driven and participatory user experience, service, and circular design.

I have worked with leading organisations on local, regional, and international levels, such as Konica Minolta, HP, Visa, GE Healthcare, Singtel, Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS), Changi Airport, as well as UNICEF and UNHCR, to guide their transformation towards human-centricity and circularity. Next to private sector clients, I have extensive experience working with public service agencies, applying a citizen-centric and fundamentally participatory design process. I have helped to transform policies and service delivery as well as envision new concepts in Healthcare, Arts and Culture, as well as Tourism and Sustainability.

Quentin Dumas
Sustainable Value Chain Strategy - Accenture

I have over 15 years experience in Responsible Value Chain. I started as a Sustainable material experts to slowly cover the entire Value chain and life cycle of products.

Countries where Quentin can help you: APAC

Marisa Agrasut
Managing Partner / Consultant - The inceptery Pte Ltd

On a mission to create positive impact in the world, she considered herself an accidental entrepreneur. She discovered this during the 2009 economic crisis and in 2010, embarked on her first - people, planet, profit venture; at the time challenging the negative perception of plant-based diets; enabling reduced-carbon and responsible consumption through a (then) pioneering circularity, systems-thinking, and purpose-led business.

In 2015 with a more intentional move back to her innovation roots, relocating to Singapore, she found few-to-no organisations combining both sustainability and innovation. It was this that seeded her vision for The Inceptery.

Natalie Seisser
Creative Director & Climate Educator - A New Kind Studio

Creative director, Designer, Educator.

I’m the founder and creative director at, a purpose-driven, Life-centric design & strategy studio.

Passionate about mentoring and teaching, I lecture on interdisciplinary Design Studios, emphasising experiential learning to equip students for global challenges. My specialties are Creative Direction, Branding & Identity, Packaging, Responsible Communication, Greenwashing, Regenerative Design Principles, Circularity, as well as Visual Storytelling.

I’m currently working on a book publication called: - alongside publishing house Slanted. We are featuring creatives, philosophers, entrepreneurs, activists and designers who are sparking new narratives around the climate movement. My research interests lie at the intersection of Art & Design and the Climate crisis, built on the belief that creativity can alter culture, and culture is key to building a better future on the planet! 

I also facilitate the Biodiversity Collage in Singapore and lead Climate Designers Singapore, a community igniting climate conversations through creative work.

Delphine Pernot
Circular Economy Expert

Sustainable development has motivated my professional activity from the start. Over the past ten years, I have gradually developed my expertise to put my convictions into action.

I focus my energy in increasing circularity.

Countries where Delphine can help you: Thailand

Duncan Craig
Director of Sustainability (Interior Environments) - Concourse

Duncan, originally from the UK, has been living & working in Asia for the last 16 years. He runs a creative interior design & project management company delivering projects across the Asia Pacific Region; specialised in retail, F&B and commercial sectors. Duncan is passionate about creating interiors that excite and engage Clients and Customers alike, all through the lens of sustainability.

Andrew Tay
Business Development Director - KGS

I started my career as a mechanical engineer for 5 years and joined TayPaper Recycling in 2018. Tay Paper Recycling has grown from an informal scrap dealer to now a leading paper focused recycling company in Singapore. On top of just recycling, we also offer confidential data disposal services to help clients comply with PDPA, GDPR and recycle at the same time. I am now working at KGS, an e-waste and data sanitization company.

Anisa Johnny
Senior Lecturer - Raffles College of Higher Education

I have over 15 years experience working in different areas of the fashion industry, both in Europe and Asia. From my first graduate role working in the buying office at Marks & Spencers Headquarters in London, to starting a fashion & lifestyle brand supplying multi-chain stores like Topshop and boutiques such as Graham & Green in the UK and others in Europe.

My knowledge of European & Asian markets has given me a unique combination of experience and perspective. From sourcing high volume production in China, which led me to understand the impact the fashion industry has on the planet; to my passion for inculcating sustainable fashion into the teaching curriculum.

Currently, I mentor sustainable brands, give my time to organize events during Fashion Revolution week and support sustainable knowledge and capacity-building in the wider fashion eco-system.

Countries where Anisa can help you: Worldwide

Delphine Laurien
ASEAN & MENA Head of Procurement & Supply Chain - Aden Services

I hold a master's degree in Strategic Procurement (DESMA) and have nearly 20 years of experience in procurement and supply chain transformation within the services industry (Facility Management, Food, Textiles, Hospitality, and remote sites). My career spans across Europe, Asia, and currently the Middle East.

I am passionate about transformation and change management, with expertise in the following areas:

  • Strategic procurement to give organizations a competitive edge.
  • Process standardization to help organizations achieve their goals.  
  • Supply chain digitalization to contribute to organizations' long-term success

Countries where Delphine can help you: Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Middle East

Géraldine Pelissier
Corporate Reach - The Matcha Initiative

Most of my professional career was in Sales and Marketing for emissions-intensive sectors (automotive, telecom, oil and gas industries) to say the least…. But I always knew I had to look for a greater purpose. Covid19 slowed down my professional activities and helped me to follow my passion. I decided to open a new chapter and follow a new career path, but to do so, I had to study sustainability.

I particularly like innovation and tech, so I wish to pursue my career with a tech for good angle.

Ivona Balint-Kowalczyk
Sustainability consultant, Founder - Sustainao

With a background in sustainability consulting and audit, Ivona supports businesses in their sustainability journey by building an impactful strategy, embedding sustainable practices across operations, and reporting performance to stakeholders.

She is the founder of Sustainao, a Singapore-based company specialized in sustainability consulting. Previously, Ivona worked as a sustainability auditor at KPMG France. She holds an MBA in CSR & Sustainability and a Master’s degree in Environmental Management.

Tamara Wu
CEO - Liberty Society

I founded Liberty Society, a social enterprise of eco & impactful B2B merchandise & hampers that empowers marginalized women. Because of my passion to combine profit and purpose, my previous experiences in the intersection of corporations and nonprofits include being Head of Acquisition at Yuna&Co, Partnership manager at Digitaraya, a Google for Startup Accelerator, and Director of Second Chance, a non profit initiative focusing on child sponsorship & micro financing poor households.

I graduated from Biola University, double majoring in Sociology (Social Justice emphasis) and Communication Studies. I also mentor & consult for youth-led NGOs and social projects working for refugee groups, disaster relief, and rural community development.

Liberty Society was named #1 winner of Women Empowerment Principles award 2021. Most recently, i was one of the 14 Global Young Leaders for Generation 17, a program by Samsung & UNDP to advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Countries where Tamara can help you: Worldwide with a focus on APAC, and especially Indonesia & Singapore

Mary Kon-Sun-Tack
Founder - Journey Makers (Former Asia Customer Experience Director, Sustainability Ambassador - Lyreco)

Mary has founded Journey Makers to support organisations in their online presence blending customer experience and employee experience. She was previously in charge of Customer Experience for Lyreco Asia and worked on accelerating Digital and Marketing activities. In 2020, she was appointed sustainability ambassador as well for the region, as the topic was becoming a strategic one for the company. Thriving to drive the change internally and externally, she launched a Green Team that she co-led with her colleague.

Prior to this role, Mary had made her career essentially in the hospitality industry at global and regional role, from trade marketing, sales to Digital marketing. Before moving to Singapore in 2015, she was based in Dubai, UAE and France.

Mun Wei Chan
Founder & Principal Consultant - SustainableSG

Mun Wei is the founder and principal consultant of SustainableSG, which provides advisory and training services in sustainability, strategy, risk and entrepreneurship.

He has worked with corporate, government and non-profit clients on strategy and implementation, reviewing organizational programmes and targets related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, benchmarking and communicating sustainability and other corporate programmes and achievements, promoting inclusive hiring, developing compliance policies and reports, and formulating innovative business models.

He is also an Adjunct Lecturer at the Singapore University of Social Sciences.

Package Pals Trio
Founders – Package Pals

Package Pals is a circular packaging initiative that seeks to extend the life cycle of packaging. We collect used e-commerce packaging from members of the public, distributing it back to businesses seeking eco-friendly, second hand packaging options. There are 7 categories of packaging we collect: poly mailers (<A4),paper envelopes (<A4), plastic wrappers (<A4), bubble wrap, padded envelopes.

Package Pals has worked with multiple large and small businesses, schools, NGOs and governmental organisations since it was started in May 2020. Other than carrying out collection and distribution, we also focus on education and outreach, seeking to educate our 4k-strong audience on packaging waste and other environmental issues, through social media, webinars and other events.

Shen Hui Tan
Co-founder -, Founder - Kizuna

My first job was with a major consulting company in Japan. I appreciated my time there, but was always yearning to do something with a greater direct impact, and something that gives me a greater sense of purpose. I am blessed to have the opportunity to travel the world, and be exposed to different perspectives, ways of living and available alternatives!

A series of serendipitous events led to the founding of with two highly experienced and interesting friends. offers merchandise like uniforms, towels and bags in more environmentally progressive textiles made of materials like seaweed, organic cotton and recycled fishing nets. 

When the opportunity to open Kizuna arose, it was clear that I wanted to apply similar values and principles to this physical space.

Zofia Chlapowski
Stakeholder Engagement

I have more than 20 years experience leading change and transformation in Europe, Africa and Asia. I have had the privilege of managing and contributing to diverse industries, organisation (Humanitarian and corporate) to secure engagement and impact. In my last role I worked in a large MNC supply chain environment engaging external partners to increase our impact in sustainability.

Roxane Uzureau Zhu
Executive Director - Beyond Now Impact

Ex-fashion designer and entrepreneur, Roxane first started in the fashion industry holding several Head designer positions for high-end and high street activewear brands, leading product development from specs and material sourcing to supply chain management and production. She, then, went on an unexpected and career changing entrepreneurial journey, which included co-founding barePack, a container-sharing business in Singapore. 

Roxane has also been engaged as a public speaker and expert advisor for all matters regarding sustainable materials and textiles, plastics economy, circular packaging, reuse models and recycling. She is currently a Sustainable Fashion Advisor and Curriculum Developer at the Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre (, delivering sustainability curriculum and support to students and management, respectively, and board advisor to the materials traceability and circularity platform Orobo.