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Businesses play an essential role in our economies, have a major social impact and now realise they also leave a footprint on the environment. 
The Matcha Initiative believes that if every company does its part, a more sustainable future is possible, where economies and people still thrive, without catastrophic consequences on the planet.

We listed actions you can take, from small and simple to more complex ones.
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Many simple steps can be implemented in your company, without external intervention. For more complex solutions, you might need the help of third parties.

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Optimise your energy efficiency by systematically switching off lights and devices after office hours

Replace all single-use items from your pantries with reusables

Recycle your e-waste properly

Measure and monitor your water management with meters and digital apps...

We talked with people from various industries who actually did something to bring more sustainability in their companies.

They tried, they succeeded, they failed, and they share their experience with you.


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