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Suppliers go through a Selection & Validation process before they are listed on our website. 

You may contact them directly. Kindly note that The Matcha Initiative doesn’t take part in any quotation, negotiation or dispute with them, nor earn any commission in the process.

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800 Super Waste Management Pte Ltd
Waste Collection & Recycling, other environmental services.

Environmental services provider for public and private sectors in Singapore:

- waste management (residential, commercial and industrial waste collection & recycling)

- horticultural services (landscaping, grass cutting and tree pruning services for residential, commercial and institutional customers)

- cleaning & conservancy

They can customise waste pickup and recycling solutions.

A-Smart Life Pte Ltd
On-site food waste treatment systems

Established in 2017, A-Smart Life provides compact recycling machines that allow low- energy, high-speed processing of food waste for conversion to natural, healthy fertilizers.

They are an approved vendor under the NEA listing.

A1 Environment Pte Ltd
Used Coffee Recycling Services

A1 Environment was created in 2012 by a team with over 20 years' experience in recycling.

A1 Environment was set up to provide more flexibility and better used coffee recycling services to organizations.

Advanced Kitchen Equipment
Professional kitchen equipment sale, repair and rental

Advanced Kitchen Equipment Pte Ltd has been established since 1990, but they have over 70 years of experience at professional kitchen design and technology.

They offer a wide range of services such as selling and rental of equipment, equipment repair, kitchen planner, stainless steel fabrication.

Aquama Pacific / Bewoki Pte. Ltd.
100% ecological detergent & desinfectant machines

Bewoki stands for BEtter WOrld for our KIds and is the exclusive distributor of aquama® in the SEA region. They import unique machines from Switzerland that empower everyone from individuals to corporates to produce onsite a disinfectant and detergent 100% ecological (based on salt, water and electricity) that replaces 90% of polluting chemicals.

So upstream you eliminate the CO2 footprint of current chemicals production, downstream you release only salty water in the nature while in the process you do not create any additional plastic waste!

Moreover aquama® machines are seamless to use so everyone can connect to any of them with a mobile app. to get its own spray of hand-sanitizer for example thus contributing to a sharing economy which can be crucial in pandemic situations.

In the workplace, aquama® machines offer a safer work place by providing a disinfecting solution with no allergen, no chloramine and no endocrine disrupter that is both bactericide and virucide. On top of cleaning the common areas of the office, the machine is accessible by all staffs or employees so they can use it at their work station or home.

Aquama® machines are available in various size and some of them like the Freedom® or the Freedom® S are meant for home use. Aquama®Freedom® S is a perfect corporate gift in this COVID-19 period that will enable you to create your own aquama® solution for safe disinfection anywhere any time and portable! The disinfectant solution can be used for various purposes e.g general cleaning, disinfection of clothes, fruits and vegetables disinfection, home and office disinfection etc. 

Bamboo Straw Girl
Online store of plastic-free & low-impact lifestyle products

Bamboo Straw Girl is an online store of plastic-free & low-impact lifestyle products, from production to point of sale.

The founder Melissa Lam aims at engaging eco conversations, starting with a simple straw. With her team, she focuses on waste reduction and on impacting the communities of artisans they work with in South East Asia.

They were the very first "zero-waste lifestyle" store in Singapore.

Tree-free and plastic-free packaging toilet paper

Zero plastics, no chemicals, no fragrances, and no BPAs. The Nurturing Co created Bambooloo as Singapore's first plastic packaging free consumer product range.

They offer sustainable toilet rolls, hand towels and other paper-based products from 100% sustainable bamboo, and 0% one time use plastics. They also have The Nurturing Co range of liquid food grade sanitisers and anti-bac wipes (refill canister, 300 wipes).

The Nurturing Co. is a next generation sustainable consumer products company that creates, manufactures, and sells earth friendly, modern brands answering today’s consumer needs for tomorrow.

App-enabled system of returnable containers, for zero-waste takeaway & delivery

BarePack is an app to rent & return reusable containers (boxes & cups) to make zero-waste the new norm for takeaway & delivery.

They help corporates in their very offices' cafeteria/ restaurant with a collection/ drop-off system. Once your staff are members through your corporate plan, they can use the solution across Singapore anytime, any day.

The brand is born from the frustration felt having to choose between the convenience of single-use waste and sustainability. "Takeaway great food – not trash!"

Products & Services to reduce your company's footprint

Bizsu helps companies grow while reducing their environmental footprint by offering innovative, exclusive and regional solutions to reduce:

- food waste (40% reduction on average)

- meat consumption thanks to Spirulina-based products

- single-use plastic (thanks to chemical and plastic-free toothpaste tabs and bathroom amenities, compostable and reusable plant bottles, bagasse tableware, plant-based packaging)

- air-conditioning energy consumption (25% reduction on average)

Eco-friendly and everlasting preserved flowers

Bloomback provides eco-friendly and everlasting preserved flowers from upcycled events flowers, for:

- Interior design
- Workshops (team building, CSR events...)
- Corporate gifts

They also empower marginalised communities, providing skills training and employment.

Boon Poh Refuse Disposal Pte Ltd
On-site food waste treatment systems

Boon Poh delivers a range of environmental solutions including integrated waste management with recycling, cleaning and conservancy, and landscaping services.

Moving in the direction of environmental sustainability, their solutions work towards efficiency, performance, and productivity. They aim to provide a one-stop platform for environmental management needs.

They provide on-site food waste composters and digesters.

Biotech eco-hygiene solutions

Founded in Singapore in 1977, Calfarme develops and manufactures biotech hygiene solutions that are respectful of the environment and safe for the users.

Chew's Agriculture
Eggs producer

Chew's Agriculture Pte Ltd is the first ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP certified farm in Singapore, with commitment to deliver high quality, wholesome and safe egg-products for consumers, and also the first Certified Humane® Egg Producer in Singapore.

Chew's designer eggs:
Organic selenium eggs, cage free eggs, omega 3 eggs, omega 6 eggs, zeaxanthin plus eggs, traditional black chicken eggs & kampong chicken eggs, corn + soya eggs, lower cholesterol brown shell eggs, extra-large lower cholesterol brown shell fresh eggs.

Please note there is a minimum order of 300 pieces for wholesale orders.

They can be contacted by email or telephone: (+65) 6793 7674

ComCrop Pte Ltd
Urban Farming (vegetables & herbs)

ComCrop is the first urban commercial rooftop farm in Southeast Asia.

ComCrop comes from Community Crop, because not only do they use marginalised spaces to grow food, they also establish their farms near where people live (less transport and commute) and support marginalised communities (such as M.I.N.D.S.).

They use hydroponic systems, that use 90% less water than traditional farming, and climate-controlled environment system. They are also pesticide-free.

Food & Support Services (dining, catering, management...)

Compass Group Singapore provides dining and catering services, as well as management services, through their 3 brands Eurest, Chartwells and ESS.

They started to implement a sustainability strategy in 2018, now based on three pillars: health & wellbeing, environmental game changers and better for the world. For instance, they committed to 50% reduction of food waste across the group by 2030 and partnered with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in 2019, to promote a circular economy for food.

Click here to contact them.

Datumstruct (S) Pte Ltd / D-Envtech (S) Pte Ltd
On-site food waste treatment systems

Founded in 1999, Datumstruct is a leading Solution Provider in Data Centre IT Infrastructure, Command & Control Centre, Office Furniture and Environmental Technology.

The company is helping commercial food service facilities to reduce their food waste & carbon foot print. They currently exclusively distribute a world leading brand of Bio-Digester, Powerknot (Silicon Valley, USA ) in South East Asia Market and Hong Kong / Macau Market.

Dell Factory Outlet
Refurbished Dell devices marketplace

Dell Factory Outlet provides refurbished Dell computers, monitors, desktops stations and workstations, servers and storage according to stocks.

Certified refurbished products are previously open/used products and come with a 1 year warranty. These products are submitted to a careful refurbishing process to achieve quality and performance standards.

To contact them, engage conversation through their "chat to buy" button.

Deo Silver Pte Ltd
Customised uniforms & textiles

Established since 1981, Deo Silver Pte Ltd is a uniforms and apparel manufacturer, with a factory here in Singapore. They are part of the local manufacturing eco-system.

In addition, they give customers the option to choose sustainable materials for their corporate apparels. This empowers them to give Earth a helping hand by reducing the amount of waste and energy used to make their uniforms. They provide alternate fabric solutions such as Recycled Polyester / Bamboo Dri Fit / Organic Cotton.

These seem like niche markets, but their belief is that soon one day, these materials will be the norm for the clothing that people wear.

Do-Yi Enterprise
E-waste management

Do-Yi Mission is to cultivate e-Cycle habits, rejuvenate and re-purpose ICT equipment gadgets, computer, laptop and e-appliances to achieve high utilization.

SG. e-Cycle activity: Collector rendering transportation recycling service handling for removal  disposal / rejected / returned electronics Amazon tech-ware,  IT computer, smart mobile devices peripheral.

Refurbishment: Retrofit ECO system workstation adoption; decommission written off computing instrument for business company, individuals, private estate, condominiums apartment and organisation. They provide transport pick-up service on-site collection appointment.

They can be contacted also via Whatsapp / Call mobile: 9859 1202

B2B cleaning and washroom hygiene industry.

Duprex is a Singapore-based company operating for more than 20 years in cleaning and washroom hygiene industry.

They are not specialised in sustainable products but provide a range of green detergent, soap and surface cleaners.

Sustainable cleaning products

ETLNo9 offers certified organic and 100% natural formulations for a truly minimalist and toxin-free Lifestyle.

They believe that the act of purifying our environment is the most direct way of purifying our heart and soul and that by taking care of nature, nature will take care of us.Their brand focuses on the spiritual aspect of sustainability.

You can also contact them on their facebook page :

EcoSpirits by Proof & Company
Spirits distribution technology

Launched and distributed by Beverages distributor Proof & Company, ecoSPIRITS is an innovative closed-loop distribution system that aims to eliminate packaging waste in the premium spirits supply chain. By dramatically reducing packaging and transport costs, the technology provides both a cost advantage combined with a transformative carbon footprint reduction.

It claims to be the World's First Low Carbon, Low Waste Spirits Distribution Technology

EcoWise (Bee Joo Industries Pte Ltd)
Local food waste recycling facilities

The company collects agro-waste and waste derived from food processing industries such as spent barley grains, soya waste and milk powder from local major food-processing factories and recycles them into food additives for poultry feed – distributed regionally within South East Asia.

Energy monitoring & Smart IoT solutions

With more than 15 years expertise, EcoXplore provides integrated automation, smart meters and IoT products in Singapore.

Their solutions range from Datacentres Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and Energy Management System (EMS) to Building Management System (BMS) and Lighting Control Management System.

Water, hygiene & infection prevention solutions and services

Specialised in hygiene, food safety and contamination prevention, Ecolab provides comprehensive sanitization programs, products & services mainly to F&B manufacturers, but also to the hospitality, healthcare, industrial and oil and gas markets.

Integrate transparent tree-planting into your business

EcoMatcher plants trees and complete forests with vetted foundations from around the world specialized in tree planting.

Through technology, EcoMatcher knows everything of every tree planted. You can virtually travel to every tree and learn more.

Companies use EcoMatcher’s digital platform and the trees for meaningful corporate gifting -, rewards -, loyalty -, employee engagement-, and transparent carbon offset - programs.

EcoMatcher is a certified B Corporation.

Edible Garden City
Urban farming, foodscaping and workshops

Edible Garden City champions the "Grow Our Own" movement – believing that growing your own food will reconnect one with nature, conserve natural resources, and cultivate a sense of community.

To do so, EGC’s Foodscaping team has built over 200 edible gardens for restaurants, hotels, schools, office buildings, and private residential homes, their Farm Production team grows fresh produce throughout Singapore, and their Education team drives a range of workshops and events from school farming programmes to corporate workshops, volunteer opportunities to full-on apprenticeships – to share the love for growing your own.

Electronics refurbishing - marketplace

ElectronicsCrazy is an online electronics marketplace in Singapore.

They deal in ten most popular categories including mobile phones, computers and laptops, cameras, network switches, smart power sockets...

They have a wide range of certified refurbished computers and other refurbished items.

Engie South East Asia
Low-carbon energy and services

Engie is a global energy company, whose SEA entity works towards low-carbon solutions. They focus on reducing consumption, energy-efficiency, renewables... with the help of smart solutions such as IoT.

Engie SEA intervenes all along the value chain, from strategy and engineering, to operations management and outcome assurance.

ENGIE bring knowledge and solutions in Design, Build, Management and Operation of mission-critical data centres that deliver significant gains in energy efficiency, reduction in cost and carbon emissions.

Specifically, they can help save energy and time over large infrastructures through agile flexible stacks and IoT-based solutions. They can also deliver services for energy usage optimisation.

Equipment rental

Flexisnug offers designer furniture rental solutions in Singapore.

They wish to contribute to a zero-waste future by encouraging customers to rent rather than buy. Their offer include furniture for home office as well as kitchen/dining.

Food from the Heart
Redistribution of excess food

Food from the Heart is a charity founded in February 2003 by Singapore-based Austrian couple Henry and Christine Laimer, who were inspired to channel surplus food from bakeries to families in need after they read an article about bread wastage.

Today, Food from the Heart is Singapore's foremost independent food charity with IPC status that makes a tangible and meaningful contribution to fighting hunger through bread rations and food packs, and bringing joy through the distribution of toys and birthday celebrations. With the support of donors, food industry partners and more than 10,000 volunteers, Food from the Heart made a difference to the lives of 40,300 people throughout Singapore by distributing S$5.9 million worth of food in 2018.

Reserach & Strategy Firm (Waste Management and Recycling)

GACircular's mission is to create a world without waste by driving the transition towards a circular economy in Asia. To achieve this, they enable industries, investors, government or foundations to unlock business opportunities from fast-growing streams of food and packaging waste.

GACircular provides feasibility analysis, business model design and implementation of deployment for waste management and recycling infrastructure investments as well as extended producer responsibility (EPR) systems.

Purpose-driven search engine

Gexsi is a purpose-driven search engine and a certified B Corporation. Revenues generated by search requests are used to support worldwide projects and social innovators dedicated to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

As an example, they support projects such as reforestation, infrastructures to fight poverty or plastic removal from the oceans.

They are using BING search partnership services.

Gift Empire
Online store for corporate gifts

Gift Empire offers generic and customised marketing & promotional products.

They are not specialised in sustainable products but have an eco-friendly range comprised of notebooks, pencils, bags...

Online store for corporate gifts

Gift and Paper offers generic and customised marketing & promotional products in Singapore and Malaysia.

They are not specialised in sustainable products but have an eco-friendly range comprised of notebooks, memo pads, bags...

Golden Sunland (The Little Rice Company brand)
Rice grower with sustainable farming methods

The Little Rice Company is a brand owned by Golden Sunland, a responsible seed-to-table rice-growing company based in Singapore.

They partner with smallholder rice farmers in Myanmar and provide them with fair work conditions & wages through buyback schemes that ensure fairness and profits. They also use non-hazardous chemicals on the crops (EU standards).

They redesigned their rice mill operations in order to repurpose secondary waste into useful by-products and energy, guiding farmer partners on sustainable growing guidelines, upcycling rice-by products, tracking and making visible the carbon footprint of their rice production.

They are a certified B-Corporation.

Grande Alliance Corporation Pte Ltd
Bins for segregation of waste

Grande Alliance Corporation is a plumbing & sanitary ware supplier. They also provide a large range of Bins and Containers, including Compost bins, Recycling bins and Wastepaper baskets.

Green Cartridge
Remanufactured cartridges, printers repair & loan, buy back scheme

Since 2008, Green Cartridge has been taking part in the conservation and preservation of the environment through waste reduction and recycling of waste materials, particularly printer cartridges.

Green Cartridge claims to allow its customers to save as much as 60% of their printing cost compared to using OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges.

Besides remanufactured cartridges, they provide printers repair, printers loan, and a buy back scheme for your empties, event in small quantity.

Green Cleaners Asia
Non-toxic & environmentally-friendly cleaning services and products

Green Cleaners Asia is an eco-friendly professional cleaning service in Singapore. Since 2009, they have been using non-toxic and environmentally friendly products - not polluting the environment or your indoor air.

A toxic free working environment contributes to improving productivity levels at work, reducing sick days and operational costs!Their corporate clients include kindergartens, offices, gymnasiums and hotels.

GCA actively raise awareness and encourage their customers to adopt a ‘greener’ lifestyle, across their social media platforms and through educational talks and events.

Green Koncepts
Smart Building/City/Infrastructures Management (IoT)

Green Koncepts develops smart solutions to save energy and time for buildings, cities, datacentres, offices...

Their DCIM solution (Datacentre Infrastructure Management) provides energy-use data and analysis tools to effectively monitor Datacentres' PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness).

Specifically, they can act over large infrastructures through agile flexible stacks and IoT-based solutions.

Green Prints Services
Recycled Paper products, Eco-friendly printing services & promotional products

Green Prints is an environmental social enterprise that aims to provide the greenest printing solution in Singapore.

They believe going green should not incur a premium but should be affordable to everyone. Their key products include recycled copy paper, sugarcane waste copy paper and namecards, T-shirts made from 100% recycled plastic bottles (via their brand: Plastic Bottle Tees).

Textile reuse, recycling & education

Greensquare focuses on textile recycling services for organisations and household.

Their objective is to double the current textile recycling rate from 7% to 14% by 2020. They are committed to educating Singapore's population on the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), especially the youth in schools.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Global, edge-to-cloud Platform-as-a-Service company

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a worldwide company that provides efficient & sustainable datacentre IT services. Their commitment to sustainability encompasses "as-a-Service" solutions, which enable better agility, optimisation of computing power, reduction of overprovisioning...They also offer energy-efficient infrastructures and sustainable best practices for hardware deployment.

To contact them, you may also use their contact forms.

Non-toxic & environmentally-friendly cleaning products

Idocare provides concentrated cleaning products that are 100% non-toxic, formulated from fully biodegradable ingredients; thus absolutely safe for people, pets and the environment.

Products range from floor cleaner, dishwashing liquid to hand soap and all purpose spray.

Turning food waste into valuable materials

As the first urban insect farm in Singapore rearing the black soldier fly (hermetia illucens), Insectta takes food waste and returns it into the economy as valuable biomaterials: chitosan, organic semiconductors, protein & probiotics.

Lam Tak Pte Ltd
Local food waste recycling facilities

Lam Tak has been in the animal feed industry since 1968. They have manufacturing factories in Singapore and Malaysia, they are able to manufacture standard, or unique feed formulation upon request.

Today, the company provides a wide variety of raw feed materials, such as soy press cake, spent grain, vegetable oil, food & feed grade dairy products, etc.

Plantable sustainable stationery & lifestyle brand, Reusable cups

Left-handesign is Singapore's 1st Plantable sustainable stationery & lifestyle brand playfully designed with light & love. They celebrate collections inspired by simple joys of travel, art, nature, food, impressions as seen in day to day life.

Under left-handesign they design their ‘Plantable Series’ called BĪJ a Sanskrit word that means Seed. Their range of products includes Pencils, Pens and Notebooks, Gift tags which you can Plant into an herb like tomato, chili, marigold, tulsi (indian basil), spinach, okra, morning glory, mustard seeds.

Left-handesign was founded with a simple mission: put Nature back into peoples' lives. Through their "PLANT A TREE IN YOUR NAME” Program, they plant a tree for EVERY purchase.

Web development & Data science campus

LeWagon is a coding bootcamp deployed in many countries in the world.

They provide coding lessons (both online and offline) and enable businesses to deliver bespoke solutions thanks to their in-house developers.

LeWagon teams push forward for greener practices in design and coding to make energy-efficient solutions go live.

Lumitics (SG)
Food Waste Management Solutions

Lumitics seeks to accelerate the transformation of kitchens around the world towards more sustainable operations, by empowering them with a tracking and monitoring solution to better manage their food waste.

Office products, whole workplace supplies solutions

The Lyreco Group is a leading European distributor and third largest global distributor of workplace solutions for businesses. The group is present in 25 countries and operates via partnerships in 42 countries. With a turnover of more than 2.2 billion Euros, its results can be attributed to its close partnerships with its customers, outstanding logistics and the ambition that it shares with its 9,000 employees: "Always at your side to make your work life easier". In Asia, Lyreco has been operating in 5 countries for the past 20 years: Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

They provide Green office products such as paper, pen, notebook, remanufactured ink cartridges & toners etc. that are falling under their own green tree certification (see their green tree logo).

Maeco Technologies Pte Ltd (subsidiary of Chevon International (S) Pte Ltd)
Waste Management products & services (digester, composter, audit, soil analysis...)

Maeco Technologies specializes in providing solutions for organic waste management.

They perform audits to understand the specific needs of their customers and produce both the machinery and biological fermentation agents to address those needs. They combine engineering, design, fabrication capabilities and scientific expertise. UG
Sustainably-made generic & customised corporate wear, textiles & accessories is committed to offering companies alternative textile merchandise, from uniforms to trade show giveaways  to towels/napkins to tote bags and other accessories, that are made sustainably and fairly to ensure the long-termwell-being of the planet and for all of us living on it.

They offer both ready-made styles and custom sustainable merchandise items using carefully selected materials and partner with environmental impact in mind. A few examples of the environmentally progressive fabrics used in their products include recycled fishing nets, recycled polyester, recycled cotton, seaweed, organic cotton and Tencel.

Metalo International Pte Ltd
E-waste management (collection, destruction, recycling, refinery...)

Metalo International has 10 years of experience in the electronic waste industry in Singapore.

They manage collection and trading of ferrous scrap metals, electrical components, electronics and other precious metals scrap. Besides, they also provide services to dismantle and dispose computer & other IT hardware and accessories (laptops, printers, monitors, used networking equipments, servers, etc.)

They have their own facilities to handle electronic waste or export to Thailand and Japan for refinery in an ethical way.

App-enabled borrow-use-return system of reusable containers

Muuse is an app that allows you to borrow a reusable container (box, cup), enjoy your takeaway/ delivery, and return it at any drop off point. Containers will be cleaned and sanitized for reuse.

Muuse is subscription-based.

Digital transformation agency

Niji is an international digital agency that focuses on helping businesses make a success of the digital transformation.

They provide a large range of services like e-retailers and public services apps - to make the all-important switch to digital technologies in support of their strategies, multi-channel distribution and internal operations. Niji takes place in every stage of the value chain, delivering digital strategy, engineering and technology consulting services, alongside a service design and software development offering.

Especially, Niji provides methodologies, audits and websites to turn solutions greener and more sustainable.

Filtered water solutions (bottles, tapping, caps, etc.)

Nordaq delivers a leading and sustainable premium solution for the global hotel and restaurant industry. This means that there is now a more profitable, sustainable and tasteful alternative to ordinary bottled water for all businesses.

They support restaurants, hotels, cafés and offices, produce premium water on-site with minimal environmental impact.

Openfarm Community
Eco-conscious restaurant & venue for corporate events, workshops, product launches...

Responsible F&B, Open Farm Community aims to be a centerpoint at which the various sectors in food service can find solutions for sustainable hospitality. First and foremost a restaurant with a large organic herb garden focusing on indigenous species, they support local farms (as soon to have the first in soil farm in urban Singapore themselves) and believe in the importance of food that is both tasty and relatively healthy.

They host green weddings, climate conversations, and masterclasses with artisans who are practicing their craft responsibly. They are a founding member of the F&B Sustainability council here in SG.

Open Farm Community recycles, limits single use plastics, as well as water & food waste and optimises electricity usage. Unique delivery drop programs using re-usable plastic bins. The venue sits on a 35,000 sqft of green-land.

PC Dreams
Sell & Repair online platform for electronic devices

PC Dreams restores second-hand computers, smartphones and other devices to put them back on the market.

To reduce electronic waste, they either refurbish the devices for sale, donate them to charities or recycle them with recycling partners.They also provide other services like logistics or online retail solutions.

Palo IT
Digital transformation & Agility consultancy

PALO IT is an international consultancy specialised in Human-Centered Design, Agile Software Development and in the Transformation of forward-thinking companies.

They are a certified B Corporation, which means they harness the power of innovation and technology for positive social impact.

Peter’s Environmental
Bins for segragation of waste

Peters is a rotomoulding company with full manufacturing facility in Singapore since 1989.

They design and supply litter bins, office products, street furniture, trash bags and stretch films.

They are not specialised in sustainability but provide a wide range of recycling bins for your waste management.

Plastic Bottle Tees
Tshirts & Totebags made of upcycled plastic bottles

Plastic Bottle Tees upcycles plastic bottles into T-Shirts and totebags, by turning used plastic bottles into recycled polyester (rPET) and then into clothing. These clothing can be recycled back into rPET after they are used, closing the loop.

They own their production plants and can cater from small to large orders. High quality control and sustainable practices are observed throughout the production process. They do not use environmentally harmful dyes or bleaches.

Besides, they commit part of their proceeds to local recycling programs. Plastic Bottle Tees is a subsidiary of Green Prints Services and operates in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei.

Plastic Collective
Plastic offset program

Plastic Collective has developed a plastic offset program to enable businesses and individuals to become Plastic Neutral, Plastic Positive or Plastic Awesome.

They provide companies with:
- a detailed plastic consumption assessment
- a plastic reduction strategy
- a plastic offset program

Plastic Neutral Pledge will help fund the setup of a plastic recycling micro-enterprise in a remote and vulnerable community, that will collect and upcycle single-use plastic on your behalf.

Certified Ethical Plastic™ is Plastic Collective's marketplace for those communities to sell their recycled plastic to global brands for use in their products.

Plurium Technologies
Enterprise-class IT Asset Disposal / Refurbished hardware supplier for network infrastructure

Plurium Technologies is an alternative distributor of networking and IT equipment. They help companies to reduce the cost of their infrastructure by optimising the lifecycle of their hardware and by contributing actively to the circular economy.

They offer 2 different services both for companies with extra IT hardware to dispose, and for companies willing to reduce their carbon footprint and cost of ownership:

  1. IT Asset disposal and recovery: Plurium Technologies offer one-stop solutions for IT asset disposal, buying back and collecting used hardware with extra revenues as a bonus.
  2. Second-hand hardware supply: helping to reduce the cost of ownership, your carbon footprint or simply to make your job easier, Plurium Technologies deliver:
  • Discontinued parts and products to maintain or expand legacy infrastructures
  • New or refurbished, but always cost-effective hardware of all major brands
  • Shorter lead time than usual distribution to meet tight project deadlines
Pocket Greens
Converting space into productive gardens

They design and set up herbs and vegetable gardens for schools, homes, restaurants and institutions: from rock garden to rooftop garden, food garden, kampung farm or butterfly garden...

Quan Fa Organic Farm
Organic Products Distributor (fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, eggs...)

Quan Fa Organic Farm has been operating for more than 20 years, from a small organic vegetables retailer to one of the leading distributors in Singapore. Their produces are all sourced from the neighbouring countries of Cameron Highlands (Malaysia) and Thailand.

All the produces are organically certified. They use no pesticides or harmful fertilizers and adopted a no plastic bag policy.

Refurbished devices marketplace

Reebelo consists of a team of experienced people who have expertise in electronics and second-hand business.

Reebelo buy used electronics from business partners as well as from private individuals for their repair team to renew the electronics and test them, before they put them back on sale on their marketplace.

On top of that, Reebelo takes care of planting a tree for every device that they sell to make the world a greener and a cooler place.

Ethical wooden corporate gifts

Roger&Sons is a team of ethical makers and mavericks who craft fine furniture and thoughtful objects. Their work is driven by inquiry, and spans disciplines: furniture, industrial, and product design, as well as woodworking.

The team also spearheads The Local Tree Project - an initiative that salvages trees that have been felled for urban development. It rehabilitates these abandoned logs by turning them into durable, future-proof objects and furniture. They reduce their carbon footprint by using local material, keep processes local and minimising shipping as much as possible. As part of The Local Tree Project and the effort to preserve our dying trade, they believe in educating the public, the future generation, key players of the industry and relevant government bodies. They hold workshops as one of their solutions.

They wish to be at the forefront of change and play a part in steering Singapore’s wood industry to be a more sustainable and eco-friendly one, starting with changing their manufacturing processes from start till end.

SG Food Rescue
Redistribution & transformation of excess food, Workshops

SG Food Rescue redistributes surplus food from manufacturers, hotels, malls, markets, hawker centres, schools, households and other F&B premises, to people who need it.

Their programmes cover a range of activities, such as veggie rescue, community fridge restock, soup kitchen...

ST Paper Resources Pte Ltd
Paper recycling, waste paper import, pre-consumer waste export

ST Paper Resources has more than 20 years of experience as a paper recycling, importer of waste paper and exporter of pre-consumer waste.

The company operates from its 40,000 sqft office and factory with a computerised automated system, consisting of fully automated two-ram balers with the capability to bale up to 50 tons of recyclable material per hour.

Besides collection, recycling and trading, they provide off-site confidential shredding services and a wide range of compactors and specialist containers - request a free audit for your business needs.

Eco-friendly restaurant

SaladStop! is an international brand which motto is Eat Wide Awake.

Some of their initiatives for health, people and the planet include in-store Recycling bins, composting program, non-toxic detergents, BYO campaign, reusable containers, packaging made of recycled PET, water consumption & energy efficiency, etc.

Schneider Electric
Energy & automation digital solutions

Schneider Electric provides energy and automation digital solutions & services, with a focus on efficiency and sustainability, for buildings, datacentres, industries and infrastructures in all kind of sectors (IT, healthcare, finance, retail etc.)

They developed EcoStruxure, an IoT-enabled platform for better control, analysis, services and connectivity.

Click here to contact their sales team.

Reusable cups & straws

Seastainable is a business that supports marine conservation in Singapore and the Philippines.
50% of their profits are redirected to marine conservation through diverse organisations.

Waste management, WTE plant

SembWaste is the largest municipal waste collection company in Singapore, serving 5,000 industrial and commercial, government agencies and healthcare establishments daily and over 600,000 households, schools and trade premises.

They provide Collection and Post-collection Treatment for General Waste and Recyclables.

Sembcorp also operates a Waste-To-Energy plant to supply steam for the local industries in Jurong Island, Singapore.

Cloud computing platform, digital workflows

ServiceNow transform old, manual ways of working into modern digital workflows and optimized IT solutions.
Especially, ServiceNow provide a solution to manage software licenses and hardware assets with intuitive workflows and lifecycle visibility. This solution is driven to optimize all assets and promote a green mindset.

Click here to contact them.

Organic "Fruits in the office" weekly delivery

Shiokfarm brings affordable and organic fruit and vegetables to families and companies in Singapore. Most of their products come from Malaysia and Thailand to limit the carbon footprint.

They have a corporate offer "Fruits in the office" to deliver fresh fruits to companies' office every week.

Their program allows to drastically reduce food waste as their members commit for a 6 month period and Shiokfarm commits with their farms for 2 years.

Reusable Masks & non-toxic, naturally derived, cruelty-free sanitizing products

SimplyGood is a consumer brand created by the UglyGood team. They shine the spotlight on plastic waste with their line of sustainable cleaning products, such as cleaning solutions in refillable tablet form and reusable bottles.

To support the fight against the recent COVID-19 outbreak, SimplyGood has also launched a pack of reusable masks & hand sanitisers to help Singaporeans stay safe and protected. These 70% Ethyl Alcohol sanitisers are derived from organic wheat and are non-toxic, yet highly effective (kills up to 99.99% viruses) for various usage purposes. These sanitisers are also available in refill packs to reduce plastic wastage.

SimplyGood provide refillable cleaning tablets are 100% non-toxic, naturally derived and cruelty-free. They are also eco-friendly as its packaging utilise up to 90% less plastic than traditional cleaning products.

SimplyGood also provides food-grade sanitisers naturally derived from organic wheat and comes in refill packs to reduce plastic wastage. They are very versatile in terms of application, and can be used on not just skin but also food contact surfaces (i.e. knife, cutting board, ...)

Singapore Green Labelling Scheme
Regional ecolabelling scheme

The Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS) was launched in May 1992 to endorse industrial and consumer products that have less undesirable effects on our environment. Administered by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC), the SGLS is the region’s most established ecolabelling scheme with over 3 000 products certified across 28 countries.

The Singapore Green Label acts as a seal of endorsement on the environmentally-friendly claims to prevent the abuse of green-washing. Singapore Green Label certified products have become more marketable and readily accepted by consumers or businesses when making a purchase.

Application for the Singapore Green Label is open to both local and foreign companies.

Remanufactured Cartridges, Ink refill system for Cartridges & Toner

SingInk provides inks bottles to refill cartridges and toners instead of buying new ones. They cover most of the popular brands.

Soapnut Republic
Chemical free, allergen free, biodegradable, refillable cleaning products

Soapnut Republic offers safe, natural cleaning for home and office. Their products are powered by Soapnut berries, blended with plant based minerals and naturally scented with essential oils.

They are chemical free, allergen free, child friendly, biodegradable and refillable.

Quality of life services - food, facilities management, benefits & rewards, workplace & technical services

Sodexo has been one of Singapore's leading facilities management and food services companies since 1982. They deliver a wide spectrum of services from catering services, kitchen operations management, food waste management, integrated facilities management from offices to production plants.

Sodexo is committed to make a positive environmental & social impact since 1966. In 2009, they designed their corporate responsibility roadmap "Better Tomorrow 2025 Plan" with a focus on hunger, waste and gender. Their mission is to improve quality of life, to keep people healthy, happy & motivated throughout life.

They claim that their WasteWatch powered by Leanpath Program in collaboration with WWF prevents on average 50% of food wasted.

Hygiene Management (F&B, Food Processing, Laundry, Housekeeping)

SynTech is a local brand launched in 1999, specialised in high-quality cleaning products and hygiene solutions. Their customers are the food and hospitality industries, as well as institutions. They have developed a range of products that are less harmful for the environment and the users.

Energy cost savings & sustainability gains for F&B

TablePointer helps restaurants and F&B shops unlock as much as 29% of energy cost savings and carbon emission reductions. With their Energy Savings Guarantee for F&B, their customers pay Zero Costs upfront and Zero Pay unless-we-save.

The TablePointer Intelligent Energy Manager works for any brand of equipment the customer has, plug & play with no renovations, and is easy to get started for immediate cost savings and sustainability gains.

Tay Paper Recycling Pte Ltd
Paper waste management

Taypaper strives to create a better liveable world through recycling.

They offer waste management, recycling (paper specialist) and document shredding + recycling services to clients.

Document shredding services for workplace. Waste management and recycling services for public and commercial facilities.

Tes-AMM (Singapore) Pte Ltd
E-waste management

TES is a trusted leader for technology deployment, recovery, remarketing, and recycling since 2005.

They provide IT Lifecycle Services, commissioning, deployment, retirement of Information Technology (IT) assets, refurbishing and remarketing of used technology assets to maximize cash recovery potential.

The First Green Store
Sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly stationery, promotional products and custom merchandise

With the rising need to conserve and protect our environment, the first green store (TFGS) encourages individuals and enterprises to adopt environmentally responsible lifestyles, and advocate for Corporate Social Responsibility policies, through the products given away during various occasions and events.

They work with partners who are certified for Ethical Practices in their manufacturing process, and their retail brands are very carefully chosen keeping in mind their design, environmental and social impacts.

The Food Bank Singapore
Redistribution of excess food

The Food Bank Singapore's mission is to end food insecurity in Singapore through redistribution of food. They salvage approximately 550 tonnes of food a year, from manufacturers, distributors, retail stores, hotels, F&B establishments and consumers, and make it available to people in need through a network of member beneficiaries (360 to date).

They work with a Food Hygiene Consultant and a laboratory partner to ensure that the food quality meets the required standards for distribution.What they Collect:Non-Perishables: All dry, packaged food items as long as they are unexpired, unopened and with at least 1 week of shelf life. Perishables & Cooked Food Rescue: fresh pastries, vegetables, meat, dairy products and cooked food from hotels or other F&B establishments. Food items are delivered directly to beneficiary centres for consumption within the day.

The Golden Space
Sustainability Workshops, Team Building, Retreats,...

Guardians of Mother Earth is a green initiative of The Golden Space.

They aim to create more awareness about our impact on the planet through free talks, clean-up campaigns, workshops, art exhibitions, etc. They also provide services to corporate clients on how to build a sustainable green culture through various workshops, team building events, retreats and corporate social responsibility activities.

The Nurturing Co
Hand & Surface sanitizers - plastic-free packaging, chemicals-free, BPAs-free.

Zero plastics, no chemicals, no fragrances, and no BPAs.

The Nurturing Co. is a next generation sustainable consumer products company that creates, manufactures, and sells earth friendly, modern brands answering today’s consumer needs for tomorrow. They offer a range of liquid food-grade hand & surface sanitisers and anti-bac wipes (refill canister, 300 wipes).

Under their bambooloo brand, they also offer sustainable toilet rolls, hand towels and other paper-based products from 100% sustainable bamboo, and 0% one time use plastics.

The Projector
Corporate gifts, space rental

The Projector is the only indie cinema in Singapore. It hosts the Intermission Café and Bar serving F&B.

On Fridays and Saturdays, they offer live acoustic performances.

The Sustainability Project
Online store of eco-friendly lifestyle products, corporate events management

The Sustainability Project is a Singapore-based business which aims to encourage and inspire the adoption of low or zero waste lifestyle. This is done through 3 arms – Educate, Transform and Inspire.

Educate - Through our blog articles, they share their knowledge and passion towards sustainability. You can find tips on a sustainable lifestyle, chats with other green business owners and other related information to sustainability.

Transform - Through their store, they want to enable low or zero waste lifestyle by providing consumers a wide range of sustainable products that are of high quality and at affordable prices.

Inspire – Through planning events (e.g. talks, workshops, educational trips and more), they want to inspire the next generation to be a change-maker for Mother Earth.

In their store,they sell various sustainable lifestyle products; mainly bathroom and kitchen essentials such as cutlery set, shampoo bars and more. They also have a series of pre-loved and imperfect products for sale.

Corporate Events: They plan events for corporates and schools to share more about embarking on a sustainable journey e.g.  talks, workshops, educational trips and more.

Tiong Lam Supplies Pte Ltd
Local food waste recycling facilities

Founded in 1994, the company saves food waste from being wasted. They first began operations ferrying excess bread from production houses to Aqua farms for fish feed. As they progressed, they began developing resource recovery competencies to salvage materials from food waste that could otherwise be useful in the Agriculture industry.

Today, they work with food manufacturers to lower their cost of disposal through waste repatriation and resource recovery. They target waste hotspots in production line and convert these losses into gains fo their clients.

Tackling food wastage with the power of technology

Treatsure is Singapore's first mobile platform connecting businesses with surplus food (mainly in hospitality) to individuals.

On the corporate side, they partner with businesses that are willing to purchase surplus food or sustainable products/ corporate gifts, or to host corporate talks/ seminars on food waste.

Digital platform (app) to reduce food loss

TreeDots is a B2B platform that enables suppliers to re-distribute their unsold inventory to organisations that can use them. Suppliers save money from otherwise discarded products and buyers get quality ingredients at lower prices.

Ugly Food
Food from rescued fruits & vegetables, Workshops & Talks

UglyFood aims to be the leading go-to company well-known for reducing food wastage in supply chains. They collect fresh produces that didn't make it through the cosmetic filtering from wholesalers, importer, distributors and wet market stalls and transform them into healthy and delectable food products, available at SUTD, at pop-up events and through corporate bulk orders.

Waste management

In Singapore, Veolia works across the whole spectrum of environmental services including integrated waste and recycling management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, industrial services, public cleansing and water management.

Verti Vegies
Vertical vegetables farm

VertiVegie is a Singaporean Controlled Environment Farming Company.

By growing food locally in a controlled environment, they limit crop loss during production, increase shelf life for consumption & substitute imported food which contributes to major transportation and handling food losses.

Their vertical farm, powered by on-site solar generation, reduces land use, and their closed loop water systems use 90% less water use than field agriculture. Also, the hydro-nutrition food grade systems allow year round production without soil depletion and degradation.

They use:
- No Pesticides, Pollutants & Preservatives.
- No Genetic Modification.
- No Unethical Practices.

Westcom Solutions
Pipe-in water dispensers

Westcom Solutions Pte Ltd (WCS) was established with the aim to conserve and improve the eco-green system environment and overall well-being. Their team is always committed to discover, updates and devoted to developing and producing a wide range of equipments and products from food waste recycling technology to water and bio-toilet technology.

Westcom Solutions Pte Ltd provides alkaline water (pH 9.0) and hydrogen water dispensers alongside food waste composting & recycling machines.

Willing Hearts
Turning excess food into daily meals for the needy

Willing Hearts is well known for their soup kitchen: they prepare, cook and distribute ~5,000 meals everyday across the island, all year long.

Besides feeding the needy, they also provide marginalised communities such as the disabled, the elderly, low income families, migrant workers, etc. with assistance to rehabilitation and reinstatement into society.

AI-enabled food waste tracker

Winnow believes that food is far too valuable to waste, and that technology can transform the way we use food. They help companies run a more efficient and sustainable kitchen by automating food waste capture, enabled with AI.

Your Sustainable Store
Online store of eco-friendly lifestyle products

Your Sustainable Store is a Singapore-based online store created to make a wide range of curated, stylish and affordable sustainable products easily available. They are constantly on the look out for more amazing products. They hope that by offering practical yet stylish alternatives, they can inspire more to lead an environmentally aware lifestyle.

Products range from cutlery, cups, to cosmetics and cleaning accessories.