Why join us?

As a solution provider

The need for a low-carbon, low-resource economy presents risks, but also opportunities for businesses to innovate and play a major role in this needed new era.

The Matcha Initiative is a community platform, built for and with businesses, to embrace and contribute to a more sustainable future.

As a company, you could be on both sides of the platform: as a supplier and/ or in need of a solution. 
Help us create an ecosystem where everyone wins: you get more visibility, more business opportunities, more knowledge for well-informed decisions, networking opportunities across industries, and more sustainable solutions to reduce your footprint.

Share your experience

We believe inspiration is key to achieve meaningful impact: our Buddies prove it!
They are individuals who dare change the status quo in or with their company, and they share their experience with all. 
Any individual can become a Buddy, so if you, also, value the importance of taking action together, come join us.