Your B2B Guide towards sustainability

The Matcha Initiative is your Singapore B2B sustainability platform, 2 clicks away from a greener solution.

It's free, collaborative, solution-driven.

A tool geared towards solutions and action...

Browse our solutions pages and :

  • select an idea in the "Solve it Yourself" boxes
  • Discover the sustainable eco-system in Singapore with lists of suppliers & consultants
  • Get in touch with one of our "buddies" for tips and experience sharing
  • Know your numbers with the "Convince them all" boxes...

... and a learning platform.

As this sustainable journey implies a systemic change and complex solutions, it's very important to continually deepen our understandings and discover the current concepts.

Check out our "Knowledge pages" to learn more.

We are Entrepreneurs, Sustainability Professionals, Managers in big Corporates, Members of informal or formal networks, Chambers of Commerce, Researchers, Citizens... We decided that it was time to take action and we're ready to support you to get onboard. Our platform is the result of this commitment: use it, share it, improve it!

It's your B2B community place to find solutions, exchange experiences, discover case studies, business opportunities…

Act Now ! Green it Now !

We don't need ONE organization to do it perfectly...

we need EVERYONE to do what they can.

That's the thing: a lot of actions can already be taken right here, right now. It can be easier, cheaper, more useful than you think!

The Matcha Initiative helps you getting started with practical solutions and engaged partners to act for a better future, one step at a time.

Collaboration is key

Whatever we do, we do collectively.

We think ecosystems, partnerships and communities. But make no mistake, it's easier said than done. We are in the making and building a community of people acting NOW is at the core of what we do.

We need you too !

You are a sustainable professional or company ?

You have already implemented programs to reduce your company footprint, work to change your processes towards a more circular economy ?

You have ideas / suggestions for sustainable companies ?