The Matcha Initiative

Your B2B guide towards sustainability

The LCTPi* could get society up to 65% of the way to a 2 degrees emissions pathway by 2030 and stimulate between US$ 5-10 trillion of investment into the low-carbon economy, while creating 15-35 million jobs around the world each year.

*Under the Low Carbon Technology Partnerships Initiative (LCTPi), 150+ businesses and 70 NGOs, government , cities and other partners from around the world are collaborating to deliver transformational solutions of the climate challenge.
Source: LCTPi-PWC-Impact-Analysis

Companies struggle to respond to climate change without compromising growth:

Lack of time, budget, knowledge
Difficulty to implement actions
Difficulty to measure their impact

« Business as usual » can no longer apply, as climate change consequences will impact us all and business continuity will be significantly disrupted.

It is time to actively prepare a more sustainable future.

There are many existing solutions.
You can take action here and now.

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

We create an ecosystem of and for businesses, organisations, institutions, experts, to empower them to take action for a change that benefits all in Singapore.