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Companies struggle to respond to climate change without compromising growth:

Lack of time, budget, knowledge
Difficulty to implement actions
Difficulty to measure their impact

The Matcha Initiative is here to help.

« Business as usual » can no longer apply, as climate change consequences will impact us all and business continuity will be significantly disrupted.

It is time to actively prepare a more sustainable future.

How to properly recycle your electronic equipment

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We create an ecosystem of and for businesses, organisations, institutions, experts, to empower all to take action for a change benefiting all.

We are at the start of the journey & aim to cover a full range of areas where sustainability is a focus (supply chain, products, corporate governances…). We are looking for suppliers, buddies, volunteers & good-minded people to join us. 

We are a not-for-profit initiative helping companies to make a step further in the sustainable and circular economy.

We match your needs to local solutions, actionable knowledge and shared practical experiences.

Facing the pressing challenge of climate change and social responsibility, we believe businesses can go further & quicker collectively.

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