Zofia Chlapowski
Stakeholder Engagement
Zofia's introduction

I have more than 20 years experience leading change and transformation in Europe, Africa and Asia. I have had the privilege of managing and contributing to diverse industries, organisation (Humanitarian and corporate) to secure engagement and impact. In my last role I worked in a large MNC supply chain environment engaging external partners to increase our impact in sustainability.

What brought you to sustainability?

Both my personal and professional journey brought me to sustainability. On a professional level I have worked in a humanitarian organization and in corporate firms. Professionally I went from witnessing firsthand how climate change was adding to the struggles that some communities are facing to concretely working for a company that has ambitious sustainability goals.

In my last role I have learned about the challenges and opportunities facing large companies and supply chain in pushing their industry to decrease its environmental impact while securing the perennity of their business.

Concretely learning about sustainable KPI, Sustainable reporting, green electricity project for suppliers or circularity challenges. I have also led the internal fitting of an office having the sustainable challenges in mind.

On a more personal note, as a mother I feel an extra sense of responsibility in ensuring my actions and my efforts are aligned with the future I hope for my children.

Which sustainable actions are you in charge of or have you implemented in your organisation?

Concretly I have implemented waste reduction and energy reduction initiative for our office.

I have also worked on collaboration initiatives focused on green energy and circularity within the industry.

Which challenges did you meet and how did you overcome them?

I was lucky enough to work for a company that had strong commitments to reducing its environmental impact. That commitment was shared at all levels of the company.

This being said the reality of a private company needing to make profit sometimes does clash with steps needed to secure a change in the business. Finding ways to solve this contradictions and securing everyone is on board could be challenging and require to find common grounds and be clear about the objectives and the means to get there.

I have also faced challenges outside the company. Those challenges could either be availability of the needed in fracture or tools to secure circularity of green energy or to understand what are beyond talk the real steps other are ready to make in reducing their environmental impact.

In all of those challenges being clear about our own goals and actions and open minded to understand others motivation has helped find common grounds.

What are you most proud of?

The small and the big projects where different people came together to achieve something together

What would be your top 3 pieces of advice to the Matcha Initiative users?

We should:

  • be open minded
  • value the journey
  • be clear about our scope of action

I feel strongly that sustainability is a journey. We don't yet have all the answers and solutions but need to be genuine in our intentions and actions. Accept trials and error and avoid waiting for perfect solutions to act.

In which field could you help The Matcha Initiative users as a buddy?
  • Kick Start Help
  • Experience Sharing

Please describe how you could help The Matcha Initiative users as a buddy?

Share my experience and support others in identifying their own focus areas and plan

Zofia's 2 main sustainability skills

Sustainable Project Management / Fashion

Zofia kindly accepts to answer your questions.

If you need additional insights, you can send her a message.