Camille Cury
Manager - ENGIE Impact
Camille's introduction

As a Manager at sustainability consultancy ENGIE Impact (subsidiary of French-based energy company ENGIE), I help large multinational organisations along their decarbonisation journeys, from greenhouse gases emission inventory to target setting, strategy design and roadmap development.

Over my five years of experience, I have developed expertise in renewable energy procurement, Scope 3 and stakeholder engagement, avoided emissions (aka Scope 4), and ESG strategy design.

Originally from France where I graduated from a top Business School, I have an MBA from Bentley University (Boston, USA) and have worked in Paris, Boston, New York and today Singapore. I'm passionate about the interconnections between climate and nature conservation, and enjoy meeting sustainability enthusiasts.

What brought you to sustainability?

I have been passionate about sustainability from my childhood. I am a very outdoor person driven by the willingness to make the world a better place for future generations and the ecosystem at large.

At ENGIE Impact, you advise clients in taking on more sustainable actions. What type of actions do you recommend, and what is your approach to driving change?

In my current role, I lead teams to support clients in understanding:

     (1) where their major sources of carbon emissions lie within their business operations and supply chain,

     (2) what actions they can take to reduce their carbon impact within each of these "hotspots" and what short- and longer-term carbon reduction target(s) to set,

     (3) how to achieve the set targets, considering timeline, budget and manpower resourcing needs.

The typical actions range from energy efficiency measures (e.g., chiller optimisation, switching to LED lighting, installing heat pumps) to renewable energy sourcing and engaging with suppliers to procure lower-carbon materials.

At ENGIE Impact, we walk the talk: we achieved our goal to be carbon negative since end of 2021, we aim to balance our water use worldwide by end of 2023 and to achieve zero waste by 2023.

The Singapore team also organises regular activities to contribute to preserving the natural environment and fostering climate change awareness, for instance through beach cleaning.

Which challenges did you meet and how did you overcome them?

In my conversation with clients, implementing sustainability actions often requires an investment with no returns or long payback periods, and thus competes with business priorities. This makes it challenging to get buy-in from the C-Suite and other key executives to deliver.

To overcome this challenge, it is important to develop business cases that factor in the non-financial benefits such as operational and supply chain risks mitigation, meeting regulatory requirements and anticipating expectations from stakeholders.

What makes you specific?

I have lived in Europe, the US, South Africa and Asia so am looking forward to bringing an open and international perspective to this group.

What are you most proud of?

The change of mindset of my clients, between the beginning and end of a project.

While many are usually already convinced about the value sustainability can bring to their business (in terms of cost savings, client value proposition, competitive advantage, improved business resilience, etc.), they come out of the engagement with a strong level of confidence in how to translate their conviction into reality and bring their teams onboard.

What would be your top 3 pieces of advice to the Matcha Initiative users?
  1. Be creative, think out-of-the-box and date to challenge the status quo
  2. Engage and collaborate, invest in building relationships by sharing challenges and opportunities
  3. Start small but be consistent before scaling
In which field could you help The Matcha Initiative users as a buddy?
  • Experience Sharing
  • Expertise Sharing
  • Sustainability Career Advisor
Please describe how you could help The Matcha Initiative users as a buddy:

I've helped companies at all stages of their sustainability journeys, from those who are just getting started to industry leaders. I've also developed business cases for the launch of new sustainability businesses.

Camille's 3 main sustainability skills

Strategy / Carbon and reporting / Circularity

Camille accepts to answer your questions.

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