Droston Tang
Singapore Country Manager - Custos
Droston's Introduction

I'm an experienced business professional with 17 years of commercial experience across various industries in developed and developing Asian markets. I have held senior positions in multinational corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, and startups, with a strong focus on GTM, B2B sales and expertise in venture building.

In one of my recent circular economy startup roles, I helped Nextevo launch the world's first pineapple leaf fiber denim jacket and jeans with Bershka (Inditex Group) in October 2022 and developed successful partnerships/showcases with the Singapore Design Council and the Singapore Fashion Council. Earlier in my career, I was part of the pioneer team in Singapore at one of the world's largest vertically integrated solar manufacturers, REC ASA, and separately at EPURON, where I supported the management team to launch the first Renewable Energy Trust in Asia with GE Energy Financial Services in 2008.

On the side, I am actively engaged in mentoring startup founders and young changemakers in Asia, participating in programs such as Bridge For Billions, the Singapore International Foundation's Young Social Entrepreneurs, and the National Youth Council Singapore’s Youth Action Challenge.

I leverage my entrepreneurial knowledge and extensive network to empower the next generation of impact-driven entrepreneurs in the region.

Countries where Droston can help you: Singapore, ASEAN

What brought you to sustainability?

I started my journey in Sustainability when I joined the renewable energy sector in 2006 to 2010. Subsequently in 2018, I looked into renewable materials starting with coconut husks where I had an exciting 4 years working for a startup looking at the upcycling of pineapple waste. I was glad to launch the world's first pineapple leaf fiber denim jacket and jeans with Bershka in October 2022.

The recent years from 2023, I had been actively mentoring impact entrepreneurs in the multi-dimensional ESG space and across Southeast Asia: Singapore Vietnam and Indonesia.

In my new role at Custos, I'm looking at how we can kickstart "Green Culture-as-a-Service" and how we can decarbonise our employees' carbon footprint. It's great to go full circle and be back at Sustainability.

Which sustainable actions are you in charge of or have you implemented in your organisation?

I drive the adoption of our API-first application to help more employers to kick-start their journey towards better employee engagement in ESG/Sustainability and also activate like-minded circular economy innovators based in Singapore to offer more circular products and services to employees.

Which challenges did you meet and how did you overcome them?

Challenges are plenty. We have to maintain an open approach by showing value creation and open conversation about Scope 3 emissions and CSR activities. It's a journey and we have to look beyond immediate ROI.

What are you most proud of?

Blessed with family time. My wife and my 3 kids and my many adventures in ASEAN.

What would be your top 3 pieces of advice to the Matcha Initiative users?
  1. Business Model must make sense for Continuity (Sustainability)
  2. Clarity in Communication is important
  3. Continue to build your network as it can be an invaluable asset
In which field could you help The Matcha Initiative users as a buddy?
  • Experience Sharing
  • Sustainability Career Advisor

Please describe how you could help The Matcha Initiative users as a buddy?

Sharing a unique journey in developing and developed Asia markets and my 10+ years of experience in ESG/Sustainability business. I'm already a Business Mentor with several organisations in the last 2 years, happy to give back to a more "focused" group on ESG conversations @ The Matcha Initiative.

Droston's 3 main sustainability skills

Circular Economy / Impact / Entrepreneurship

Droston kindly accepts to answer your questions.

If you need additional insights, you can send him a message.