Ju Hu Soh
Strategist - Humankind Design
Ju Hu's introduction

I am a Strategist at Humankind Design, where we champion important causes and missions that enhance our lives and our planet. Our collaboration with organizations and brand owners helps distill their purposes into compelling narratives, rallying their talents and audiences.

My expertise spans design sustainability and technology, transforming insights into strategic actions.

What brought you to sustainability?

My career path has naturally led me to sustainability.

  • 2010: As a Kampung Manager, I inspired people to visit a 10-acre land in a village near Johor Bahru, Malaysia. At Kampung Temasek, we exposed Singaporeans to the essence of living in harmony with nature.
  • 2012: My role as a Nature Guide with the Nature Society involved educating students about forests and coastal ecosystems, sparking my inspiration from nature.
  • 2013: I initiated Ecosystem, a coworking space near Bugis, dedicated to environmental startups and organizations, fostering connections and collaborations.
  • 2014: I crafted planters for schools and managed another coworking space for makers and carpenters, partnering with a pallet wood company to create recycled wood furniture.

Currently, my paramount goal is to design a better life for people and the planet. I believe my journey towards biophilia was not accidental but a natural affinity.

Which sustainable actions are you in charge of or have you implemented in your organisation?

At Humankind Design, we constantly reimagine work by aligning our purpose, values, and vision. This approach guides our search for new team members and partners, fostering a value-driven work environment.

By the end of 2024, we aim to understand and minimize our carbon footprint (Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions). We're also collaborating with experts to design holistic business models for organizations seeking transformation.

Which challenges did you meet and how did you overcome them?

One of our greatest challenges is fostering meaningful, long-term collaborations. While we share common missions, aligning different priorities remains a complex task.

We are still unraveling this puzzle, focusing on clear mission design and alignment for organizational partnerships.

Could you explain to us your company name?

At Humankind Design, we're driven by the belief that design can accelerate human advancement. Our approach to problem-solving is both meaningful and strategic.

What are you most proud of?

Our achievement in building a team and culture aligned with our mission stands out. We have successfully helped other purpose-driven organizations define and communicate their core values, enabling them to rally effectively for their causes.

What would be your top 3 pieces of advice to the Matcha Initiative users?
  1. Rally for a Purpose: A clear purpose is a powerful motivator, eliminating self-doubt and focusing efforts.
  2. Rally Your Team: Embed your purpose, values, and vision in your hiring process to ensure team alignment with your mission.
  3. Rally Your Audience: Use your manifesto to attract those most passionate about your mission, focusing on a core, viable audience.
In which field could you help The Matcha Initiative users as a buddy?
  • Kick Start Help
  • Best Practices sharing
  • Experience Sharing
  • Expertise Sharing
Please describe how you could help The Matcha Initiative users as a buddy?
  1. Help with crafting a brand manifesto
  2. Help with effective brand communication
  3. Help with creative design
Ju Hu's 3 main sustainability skills

Communication Design / Brand Community / Impact Business Model

Ju Hu kindly accepts to answer your questions.

If you need additional insights, you can send him a message.