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Quality of life services - food, facilities management, benefits & rewards, workplace & technical services

Sodexo has been one of Singapore's leading facilities management and food services companies since 1982. They deliver a wide spectrum of services from catering services, kitchen operations management, food waste management, integrated facilities management from offices to production plants.

Sodexo is committed to make a positive environmental & social impact since 1966. In 2009, they designed their corporate responsibility roadmap "Better Tomorrow 2025 Plan" with a focus on hunger, waste and gender. Their mission is to improve quality of life, to keep people healthy, happy & motivated throughout life.

They claim that their WasteWatch powered by Leanpath Program in collaboration with WWF prevents on average 50% of food wasted.

Singapore's free rewards app for individuals, the planet and the community

susGain is a free mobile app that incentivizes people in Singapore to adopt more sustainable lifestyle habits. Users collect points for eco-friendly habits, earn cash back rewards at eco conscious businesses and automatically support initiatives for sustainable development with each spend. It's our mission to empower all stakeholders in Singapore to drive the change towards more sustainability.

Our "susGain for Corporates" programme is specifically designed to create employee engagement that drives behavioral change for social and environmental impact. We catalyze change attitudes in employees with our gamified rewards app. In teams, employees complete customizable challenges while learning more about the local sustainability landscape. The impact created in this programme is tracked and the data generated can be included in CSR reports.

Sustainable Asset Management Solutions Pte Ltd
Solution provider for E-waste recycling and IT Asset Disposition

Sustainable Asset Management Solutions Pte Ltd (SAMS) is a privately-owned electronics waste management company. SAMS provides Electronic Waste Recycling and IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) solutions.

Hygiene Management (F&B, Food Processing, Laundry, Housekeeping)

SynTech is a local brand launched in 1999, specialised in high-quality cleaning products and hygiene solutions. Their customers are the food and hospitality industries, as well as institutions. They have developed a range of products that are less harmful for the environment and the users.

Energy cost savings & sustainability gains for F&B

TablePointer helps restaurants and F&B shops unlock as much as 29% of energy cost savings and carbon emission reductions. With their Energy Savings Guarantee for F&B, their customers pay Zero Costs upfront and Zero Pay unless-we-save.

The TablePointer Intelligent Energy Manager works for any brand of equipment the customer has, plug & play with no renovations, and is easy to get started for immediate cost savings and sustainability gains.

Tay Paper Recycling Pte Ltd
Paper waste management

Taypaper strives to create a better liveable world through recycling.

They offer waste management, recycling (paper specialist) and document shredding + recycling services to clients.

Document shredding services for workplace. Waste management and recycling services for public and commercial facilities.

Tes-AMM (Singapore) Pte Ltd
E-waste management

TES is a trusted leader for technology deployment, recovery, remarketing, and recycling since 2005.

They provide IT Lifecycle Services, commissioning, deployment, retirement of Information Technology (IT) assets, refurbishing and remarketing of used technology assets to maximize cash recovery potential.

In March 2021, they opened a facility to recycle Lithium-ion batteries in Singapore, with a daily recycling capacity of up to 14 tonnes / day.

The First Green Store
Sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly stationery, promotional products and custom merchandise

With the rising need to conserve and protect our environment, the first green store (TFGS) encourages individuals and enterprises to adopt environmentally responsible lifestyles, and advocate for Corporate Social Responsibility policies, through the products given away during various occasions and events.

They work with partners who are certified for Ethical Practices in their manufacturing process, and their retail brands are very carefully chosen keeping in mind their design, environmental and social impacts.

The Food Bank Singapore
Redistribution of excess food

The Food Bank Singapore's mission is to end food insecurity in Singapore through redistribution of food. They salvage approximately 550 tonnes of food a year, from manufacturers, distributors, retail stores, hotels, F&B establishments and consumers, and make it available to people in need through a network of member beneficiaries (360 to date).

They work with a Food Hygiene Consultant and a laboratory partner to ensure that the food quality meets the required standards for distribution.What they Collect:Non-Perishables: All dry, packaged food items as long as they are unexpired, unopened and with at least 1 week of shelf life. Perishables & Cooked Food Rescue: fresh pastries, vegetables, meat, dairy products and cooked food from hotels or other F&B establishments. Food items are delivered directly to beneficiary centres for consumption within the day.

The Golden Space
Sustainability Workshops, Team Building, Retreats,...

Guardians of Mother Earth is a green initiative of The Golden Space.

They aim to create more awareness about our impact on the planet through free talks, clean-up campaigns, workshops, art exhibitions, etc. They also provide services to corporate clients on how to build a sustainable green culture through various workshops, team building events, retreats and corporate social responsibility activities.

The Nurturing Co
Hand & Surface sanitizers - plastic-free packaging, chemicals-free, BPAs-free.

Zero plastics, no chemicals, no fragrances, and no BPAs.

The Nurturing Co. is a next generation sustainable consumer products company that creates, manufactures, and sells earth friendly, modern brands answering today’s consumer needs for tomorrow. They offer a range of liquid food-grade hand & surface sanitisers and anti-bac wipes (refill canister, 300 wipes).

Under their bambooloo brand, they also offer sustainable toilet rolls, hand towels and other paper-based products from 100% sustainable bamboo, and 0% one time use plastics.

The Projector
Corporate gifts, space rental

The Projector is the only indie cinema in Singapore. It hosts the Intermission Café and Bar serving F&B.

On Fridays and Saturdays, they offer live acoustic performances.

The Sustainability Project
Online store of eco-friendly lifestyle products, corporate events management

The Sustainability Project is a Singapore-based business which aims to encourage and inspire the adoption of low or zero waste lifestyle. This is done through 3 arms – Educate, Transform and Inspire.

Educate - Through our blog articles, they share their knowledge and passion towards sustainability. You can find tips on a sustainable lifestyle, chats with other green business owners and other related information to sustainability.

Transform - Through their store, they want to enable low or zero waste lifestyle by providing consumers a wide range of sustainable products that are of high quality and at affordable prices.

Inspire – Through planning events (e.g. talks, workshops, educational trips and more), they want to inspire the next generation to be a change-maker for Mother Earth.

In their store,they sell various sustainable lifestyle products; mainly bathroom and kitchen essentials such as cutlery set, shampoo bars and more. They also have a series of pre-loved and imperfect products for sale.

Corporate Events: They plan events for corporates and schools to share more about embarking on a sustainable journey e.g.  talks, workshops, educational trips and more.

Tiong Lam Supplies Pte Ltd
Local food waste recycling facilities

Founded in 1994, the company saves food waste from being wasted. They first began operations ferrying excess bread from production houses to Aqua farms for fish feed. As they progressed, they began developing resource recovery competencies to salvage materials from food waste that could otherwise be useful in the Agriculture industry.

Today, they work with food manufacturers to lower their cost of disposal through waste repatriation and resource recovery. They target waste hotspots in production line and convert these losses into gains fo their clients.

Tackling food wastage with the power of technology

Treatsure is Singapore's first mobile platform connecting businesses with surplus food (mainly in hospitality) to individuals.

On the corporate side, they partner with businesses that are willing to purchase surplus food or sustainable products/ corporate gifts, or to host corporate talks/ seminars on food waste.

Digital platform (app) to reduce food loss

TreeDots is a B2B platform that enables suppliers to re-distribute their unsold inventory to organisations that can use them. Suppliers save money from otherwise discarded products and buyers get quality ingredients at lower prices.

Ugly Food
Food from rescued fruits & vegetables, Workshops & Talks

UglyFood aims to be the leading go-to company well-known for reducing food wastage in supply chains. They collect fresh produces that didn't make it through the cosmetic filtering from wholesalers, importer, distributors and wet market stalls and transform them into healthy and delectable food products, available at SUTD, at pop-up events and through corporate bulk orders.

Waste management

Veolia works across the whole spectrum of environmental services including integrated waste and recycling management of hazardous and regulated waste, industrial services, public cleansing and water management.

Verti Vegies
Vertical vegetables farm

VertiVegie is a Singaporean Controlled Environment Farming Company.

By growing food locally in a controlled environment, they limit crop loss during production, increase shelf life for consumption & substitute imported food which contributes to major transportation and handling food losses.

Their vertical farm, powered by on-site solar generation, reduces land use, and their closed loop water systems use 90% less water use than field agriculture. Also, the hydro-nutrition food grade systems allow year round production without soil depletion and degradation.

They use:
- No Pesticides, Pollutants & Preservatives.
- No Genetic Modification.
- No Unethical Practices.

Westcom Solutions
Pipe-in water dispensers

Westcom Solutions Pte Ltd (WCS) was established with the aim to conserve and improve the eco-green system environment and overall well-being. Their team is always committed to discover, updates and devoted to developing and producing a wide range of equipments and products from food waste recycling technology to water and bio-toilet technology.

Westcom Solutions Pte Ltd provides alkaline water (pH 9.0) and hydrogen water dispensers alongside food waste composting & recycling machines.

Willing Hearts
Turning excess food into daily meals for the needy

Willing Hearts is well known for their soup kitchen: they prepare, cook and distribute ~5,000 meals everyday across the island, all year long.

Besides feeding the needy, they also provide marginalised communities such as the disabled, the elderly, low income families, migrant workers, etc. with assistance to rehabilitation and reinstatement into society.

AI-enabled food waste tracker

Winnow believes that food is far too valuable to waste, and that technology can transform the way we use food. They help companies run a more efficient and sustainable kitchen by automating food waste capture, enabled with AI.

Your Sustainable Store
Online store of eco-friendly lifestyle products

Your Sustainable Store is a Singapore-based online store created to make a wide range of curated, stylish and affordable sustainable products easily available. They are constantly on the look out for more amazing products. They hope that by offering practical yet stylish alternatives, they can inspire more to lead an environmentally aware lifestyle.

Products range from cutlery, cups, to cosmetics and cleaning accessories.

Zero Waste City
Zero Waste Consultants

Zero Waste City is an engineering consulting business specialised in waste reduction for commercial and industrial facilities. They help businesses to save money by reducing waste and to achieve Zero Waste goals. Their services include:

  • Waste audit
  • Grant funding application
  • Reporting
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Project management
  • Training
  • Guidance towards Zero Waste certification

Zero Waste SG
Provide action-application training and education on waste management practices

Zero Waste SG is a charity and non-governmental organisation leading the drive towards zero waste in Singapore through education and advocacy. Zero Waste SG focuses on engaging the public and corporates on the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) in areas of :

  • Food Waste
  • Plastic Disposables
  • Household Recycling
  • Organisational Waste
Zero Waste Solution Pte Ltd
On-site food waste treatment systems

The company provides on-site waste treatment solutions such food waste digester, food waste composter, integrated food waste conveyance solution.