VC John
CMO & Sustainability Innovation Lead - KPMG
VC's introduction

My mission is to shine a light of our potential for impact through stewardship, as a species. I believe this can be achieved through consistent and thoughtful interventions wherever and whenever required.

Countries where VC can help you: Worldwide, and especially APAC, Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Europe, UAE and Africa

What brought you to sustainability?

The ability to create and operate networks for driving impact and outcomes that matter.

Which sustainable actions are you in charge of or have you implemented in your organisation?

Create grassroots Social Enterprises in rural districts across ASEAN and India with a couple of interests in Africa and China.

Which challenges did you meet and how did you overcome them?

Agri-tech, wastefulness of corporations and cities and lack of accountability through ineffectual policy and rampant tokenism.

What are you most proud of?

To be alive at such a time as this, and to be part of the solution.

What would be your top 3 pieces of advice to the Matcha Initiative users?
  • Engage wholeheartedly
  • Provoke respectfully
  • Empower thoughtfully
In which field could you help The Matcha Initiative users as a buddy?
  • Kick Start Help
  • Best Practices sharing
  • Experience Sharing
  • Expertise Sharing
Please describe how you could help The Matcha Initiative users as a buddy?

By being available and accessible as I do my part to pay forward.

VC's 3 main sustainability skills

Strategy, Innovation, Circularity

VC kindly accepts to answer your questions.

If you need additional insights, you can send him a message.